TUITION/FEES/Enrollment information

Once you fill out the WAITING LIST APPLICATION, our Academy Administrator will contact you to schedule a tour and speak with you about availability.  At that time, if we have a spot for your child, we will send you and application and enrollment package.  In the meantime, here's a little information that may help you make a determination about moving forward with the Academy at People's Church:

Application Fee: $75 annually (per family, not per child)

Materials Fee: $100 annually (only for 2s, 3s, 4s, and VPK)

The infant room is open 7:15-5:15.  For toddlers through VPK, we are open 6:30am-6:00pm.

Tuition Schedule:


Infants: $160/week.

1 Year Olds, 2 Year Olds: $145/week.

3s Year Olds: $140/week.

4 Year Olds: $135/week.

VPK: FREE with your state voucher

VPK Wrap Care: $100/week.

Drop-In Days (VPK only): $26/day


3 Day Infants: $130/week

2 Day Infants: $110/week

3 Day 1s and 2s: $110/week

2 Day 1s and 2s: $100/week

3 Day 3s and 4s: $90/week

2 Day 3s and 4s: $70/week

3 Day Wrap Care: $80/week

2 Day Wrap Care: $70/week

Hope to hear from you soon! - (863) 299-3398